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Monday, March 19, 2012

System Up Up And Away-Grades!

The move to our new building for the family answering service business is finally complete! My new office has officially been dubbed the "boiler room" where nothing but big deals will get inked (Hey...a guy can dream can't he)!

The ideas of what Hob Knob will eventually be are still swirling in my brain like fresh wort in a whirlpool tank! Though the timeline has been pushed back with the new building acquisition and upgrades to the 'boiler room', the wife and I are still committed to bringing Hob Knob online sometime in the near future. Pops has always said the hardest thing was to set aside capital for a new business, and he was spot on (he sure would get a kick out of me saying that, no doubt with that corny 'I told you so' grin of his)!

Some day, the dream will become a reality. I've got a really cool business model for it that won't be like anything we've seen up to this point from other breweries.

The system has got some new upgrades! I now have an aging chamber, aka a new 12.4 cubic foot chest freezer with a temperature control module that ages the brews at 40 degrees. I've upgraded the HLT to include a rudimentary HERMS system controlled by the RANCO temperature controller. I have yet to try it out, but may give it a trial run this Sunday!

In the meantime, I've been brewing, brewing, and more brewing. The latest are an Oud Bruin (Old Brown Ale) modeled after one of my favorites - Adriaen Brouwer. If you don't know who Adriaen Brouwer is, he was definitely a man who lived life to the fullest (eventually having this great gold ale named after him)!

The one just before that was a variation on sweetwater 420 (dubbed Wellwater 840 lol). The 840 was colored for St. Patty's Day of course! Note the tint of green at the bottom of the tulip! :)

Happy Brewing Everyone! Until next time!



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