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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hob Knob's Official Logo & Latest Happenings!

Well, here it is! Hob Knob's official logo. Personally, I think it turned out great! It's got a few elements of symbolism in there. The most obvious is the oak tree. My favorite areas of Charlotte and Cornelius have towering oaks around them. Absolutely beautiful. Oak is a symbol of strength. From what I've learned, you've got to be a very strong company to break into the retail markets like grocery stores. It'll take persistence and brewing great beers that people demand in the stores. It'll also take long nights of brewing to keep up with the demand on such a small system. All are tasks that I think we'll be up for.

The Scotsman's Wee Heavy turned out wonderful, despite the hectic brewing day. However, the Kurbis Oktoberfest and Northern English Brown Ale have some tweaking to be done on their recipes. The Scotman tastes darn near perfect. It's so well balanced, you'd never guess it was tipping the scales at 10.2% ABV. It's very malt, with some slight bitterness, but very very smooth. The flagship for the brewery is just about set! The Kurbis pumpkin ale may be over spiced. Though spices tend to mellow with age, so since we're waiting until oktober to drink it, hopefully it will be good to go. I tasted the N. English Brown - though it was just off the trub after transfer to keg this morning - and it tasted like crap. Hopefully, it was just the trub I was tasting moreso than the beer. We'll give it some time to settle out and clear, and then give it another shot. I must say though that the aroma is very, very sweet, so the balance isn't really there from the hops. Maybe some older hops from my local provider killed some of the alpha acids. Time will tell. In the meantime, I'm gonna go try some more of that Scotsman's Wee Heavy!

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